Our Stables

The equestrian center is located on the large Domaine of Terres d'Amanar at 40 km from Marrakech. We offer tailor-made courses with or without accommodation, during your stay or at the start of your ride. A team of professionals to welcome you.

The center has between 15 to 20 horses depending on the season, whole Arabian-Barbs and geldings for the pleasure of all. We also have some ponies for children. A small quarry is enough to improve some techniques. Competent and trained instructors to give you the first basics or progress. Always turned towards outdoor riding.

You will be able to go for a simple walk, a course, a training course or go for several days of riding.
Terres d'Amanar is a nature park of 120 hectares which shelters an ecolodge, a camp more than comfortable, in traditional construction respecting the architecture of the country, two restaurants and two swimming pools for the hot seasons. Come with your family and keep your family happy with other activities: mountain biking, tree climbing, large zip lines (more than 1 kilometer in total), archery and children's park... enough to satisfy the whole family.
Open all year round... if the horseback riding is done in bivouac in summer, in winter you can go from inn to inn. Some dates are scheduled, otherwise everything is possible on request.

The palm grove of Skoura is one of the most beautiful and largest palm groves in southern Morocco. It is located 45 km from Ouarzazate at the foot of the high central Atlas Mountains, its doors overlook the Sahara!

Our riding school, open since 2006, welcomes between 15 and 30 horses depending on the season. Made in traditional construction, adobe, it fits into the landscape. It is an ideal starting point for superb equestrian excursions but also for an equestrian stay in this oasis. A beautiful career for learning or improvement but we are here especially adept at riding in the open air. The palm grove and the desert surrounding it are magnificent playgrounds. No tarmac road within the palm grove, beautiful paths to trot and gallop, trails that wind between cultures each day a different route for a beautiful discovery.

At the equestrian center, lunches are served on the terrace facing the Atlas Mountains! Courses are possible all year round but we recommend you to avoid the hot periods from June to September.
Many guest houses are close to the center. This allows you to spend a pleasant stay. The closest ones are less than 5mn away.

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